Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Now and then we like to remind people of our ground-breaking study in office eyewear. Our research shows that glasses really do make a person appear smarter. Look at this proof:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014



With the flu and cold season in full force, be sure to limit your exposure to communicable disease and bacteria.

The FSRI recommends that you use this stuff:

And these things:

Wipe your down your phone, your keyboard, the doorhandles in your office, and even your coworkers.

"BE SAFE," implores the FSRI. "Why take a risk?"

The FSRI Division of Moral and Physical Hygiene

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Here's your Faking Smart! tip for the day: 


Once you've built your factory, hire 348 people to work in it. Once you've hired your workers, then decide what you will make in your factory. Suggestions: ointment, bricks, soup, or weapons.

Good luck!

the FSRI

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Beyond Asimios Wins Best Science Fiction Series Award

The FSRI is pleased and excited to announce this year's Science Fiction Series Award. Our selection committee, after a process of intense and thorough consideration, established this year's winner by unanimous vote. Beyond Asimios, by Martin Fossum, was chosen Best Science Fiction Series for 2013.

 Beyond Asimios
From everyone at the FSRI and from everyone on our selection committee, congratulations, Mr. Fossum, on a job well done.

Picking this year's science fiction series winner was not easy. This year's candidates were numberless and the quality of submissions at an incredibly high level. The FSRI wishes to thank everyone for their participation and to encourage authors of all cut and stripe to continue the hard work and dedication under which all great series of science fiction are born.

Writing is not easy these days, what with all the competition from blogs and self-publishing and other types of nonsense. With the industry the way it is, you can merely stick a title on a sheet of paper, write a few chapters, have your mother edit them and then - bingo! - you've got yourself a science fiction series. The FSRI will refrain from pandering to this kind of "fast food" fiction. Rest assured, when the FSRI gives a work of science fiction its imprimatur, you know you've got quality narrative on your e-reader.

That said, the FSRI wishes everyone a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!

the FSRI